I went stay with my parents this weekend and I realized there is no place of my own.


I bought Vortex CORE 40% keyboard, and I found it is NOT built by UNIX user. sigh...

Good morning from Japan

Gouge CapsLock key out

I always have a sweet spot in my heart for HHKB Pro2

Hmm.. I have had a bad experience with cherry keytops, chattering.

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ah fuck.

Got laid off from $WORK this morning.

I have savings and my severance pay but I need to start looking for work ASAP.

If anybody is hiring a sysadmin||devops||networking||customer support person, please let me know. Willing to relocate though remote is preferred.

I would also appreciate a few bucks in my Patreon for some peace of mind:

I also have PayPal if you prefer that:

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Bought a new GamePad, slic!


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Good morning from Japan