@drequivalent Glad to hear that, anything new with you recently?

@drequivalent hi, actually I usually stay in Japanese instance so. Sorry about that.

Merging/Applying own styles is literally painful
would rather prefer to leave it with upstream...

Bump version from 1.6.1 to 2.1.0

I didn't sleep well last night...

@drequivalent I’ve never seen this.Running real Linux System on the Phone?!

Splatooooon tiiiiiiiimeeeeee

I'm still looking forward to better laptop that runs Linux.

@drequivalent You're welcome. Feel free to follow/unfollow, I don't care. I also appreciate you kindly mentioned to me.

@drequivalent Sure! That's why I separate my accounts into 2.

Touchpads sucks. I don't have extra hands to deal with.

ces.tech is broken, literally.

I just want to make theme light. Why it's so hard.